Fabulous Engineering Award
Wednesday 30 June 2021
Institute of Engineering and Technology Awards 2021

IET Postgraduate Scholarship for an outstanding researcher

Daniel Hoare
Daniel Hoare is a PhD student designing and fabricating nanosensors for integration into implantable vascular devices. By implanting sensors into a patient’s body, he hopes that this will enable doctors to be able to remotely monitor conditions without the need for them to go into hospital. Most importantly this will enable early detection of diseases and as such early treatment which will hopefully lead to better patient outcomes.

At school Daniel was fortunate to have dedicated electronics lessons that encouraged hardware and software development which ignited his interest. However, after his father suffered a heart attack during the later part of his schooling, he became wrapped up learning about the heart and how to treat it. Daniel’s undergraduate and master’s degrees focused on clinical cardiology and cardiovascular research, but something was missing. On finishing his masters, Daniel wanted to find a way to make an impact on patients through novel technologies, which led him to the University of Glasgow. At Glasgow, Daniel was able to reignite the passion in electronics that he had from a young age.

This award from the IET is an honour for Daniel and the research project he is part of. It will enable him to further his research by visiting collaborators around the world to gain first-hand skills and knowledge that he can bring back to his colleagues at the University of Glasgow.