Sharing your expertise.
Our aim is to provide our pupils with the opportunity to interact with individuals from the world of work, those who can offer the inspiration, motivation, knowledge, skills and opportunities that the pupils need to help them achieve their potential. Working together, we can make this a reality. 

Are you able to assist with any of the following activities? 
  • Speed networking (Careers Hot Desking):
Speed networking allows pupils to speak to a range of volunteers in an informal setting. The pupils will sit in small groups with a volunteer, spending around 10 minutes hearing about the volunteer’s job and asking questions about their career and career route. Typically, speed networking sessions will last between 2-3 hours and pupils will speak to up to 12 different volunteers during the session. 
  • Talks or presentations:
Volunteers can speak to larger groups, to help inspire them and to increase their understanding regarding different career paths and jobs, in the ‘world of work’. Topics might include the university experience, a career path to date, a current role or sector, or even a significant pastime or interest. Talks to support the broadening of interests and career aspirations.
Or subject specific talks:Volunteers can also talk about which subjects they feel their jobs relate to. Talks in lessons have proven to increase motivation and participation in the classroom, by providing real life examples of how certain subjects or topics relate to the ‘world of work’. 
  • Practice interviews
Volunteers to act as interviewers, giving pupils the opportunity to prepare for and experience a university/work place interview. 
  • CV Workshops:
Volunteers to be invited to career, employability events or sessions, through supporting work regarding CV writing.? Volunteers to be asked to kindly take part in sessions that provide constructive feedback on CVs, or invited to run workshops regarding ‘How to construct a successful CV’.
  • Work experience: 
To gain a better understanding of the ‘world of work’, it is important we provide our pupils with this opportunity. ?In any application, it is those with work experience and the expression of ‘having a go’ and ‘a willingness to take a leap into the unknown’ that sets them at the forefront in any future application process. Pupils applying for an apprenticeship or to university, will make reference in their applications to their work experience.
If you are in a position to kindly volunteer, I do feel it will be as rewarding for you, as it will be for our pupils.
Please kindly complete the online form found here, in order that we may contact you further regarding upcoming relevant events.
Other ways to support TC
As we face the challenges created by Covid19, our Headmaster Chris McAllister recently wrote to our OTs. To see the letter please click here.