President Chris with his father Anthony Farnath TC (School Governor 79-83) on Chris’s appointment as President.
“Behind the mask!”

We may still have to wear masks in these cautious times of the pandemic, but as an OT Club we are moving on!

With consecutive years as VP to Jeremy Ireland-Jones' unprecedented 2-Year Presidency, I was delighted to accept the step up in November 2021.

The emphasis will be what we "Can Do" in 2022 and the OT Club is really looking to reconnect cohorts and friends and attempt to actually meet face to face!

If you have only just left Tettenhall College, or like me, been away for decades, we really want to hear from you.  

The opportunity is ours to take, and I look forward to being introduced to you!
Chris Farnath, President OT Club 
Years at TC 1973-1983

U16 1st XV RFC outside Big School 1980