Nineties Nostalgia
Wednesday 12 February 2020
From our recent OT event we can only surmise that Tettenhall College clearly has a lasting impact on its pupils. One pupil flew in from Frankfurt on Saturday to visit the school and meet up with old school friends at the Nineties Nostalgic Photographic Exhibition and Lunch. Dr Alice Kaltenhofer attended TC for just two terms in 1995 but she clearly made friends for life as she met up with them again at our lunch.
Some of our guests had not been back for 25 years and one lady couldn’t bring herself to call Peter Bodkin anything other than Dr Bodkin, after all, he was her Headmaster.
Two sisters, Verity and Lianne Coyle travelled from London after seeing the advert for the event showing them with their table tennis awards. (It must be said that the sisters were also in most of the other sporting photos.)
We even had current staff members Mrs Jayne Hollinshead and Mrs Zoe Smith come along to spot themselves as pupils.
Probably the cutest thing was that three ladies, Faye Gibson, Camilla Hardie and Elaine Barker Robbins found a photo of the three of them back in the nineties and decided to replicate it.