Old Tettenhallian Catch Ups 1
Thursday 13 January 2022
Thanks to Chris Farnath our new OT Club President we have some great updates on our alumni.

We start with Christopher Lambah TC 1975 - 1981. Chris kindly sent in the following update.

Chris still lives close by in Shropshire, UK

Chris is currently contracting for the Cabinet Office as Programme Lead where he’s developing and delivering Contract Management training for the Government. Central Government currently spends c£49bn on external contracts managed by at least 30,000 civil servants – NHS, MoD, FCDO etc. These contracts underpin some of the most critical activities across Government and Chris and the team train and develop those who manage these contracts. To date, the programme is attributed two billion pounds worth of savings and continues to drive greater efficiency across the public sector.

Chris lives with his wife Sally and daughter Isabel

Chris’ love of the outdoors led me to work on outdoor leadership programmes in the 90’s using the great outdoors as a learning medium – think Bear Grills meets Tony Robbins. Eventually I hung up my muddy boots and took my facilitation skills indoors and, using my business acumen, I now coach and develop individuals, teams and organisations and help them ‘shift’ toward high performance. It’s been a fascinating journey!

OT Contacts
I didn’t stay in touch with any of the TC lads but fate has a way of drawing you together every now and again. Andrew Lowe, Richard Nuttall, William Fish, Mark Holmes and I managed a night in a pub some time ago. Nothing much had changed, they were still the same people I remembered with addition of the years needed to sharpening their wit to a razor like edge. It proved an interesting evening!
I swap messages every now and again with Nigel Deacon who was one of my closest friends back then and one of the coolest people you were every likely to meet. Bruce Harper turned out to be a brilliant DJ and an even better businessman and was generous enough to mix and record a 2-hour set for my wife’s birthday. A man of many talents!”

Fond memory
When Chris was 10, Mr Roberts signed out a minibus and took the 1MR class rock climbing. We had a great day scaling the heights of Pontesford Rocks in our Dunlop green flash pumps (remember those?) warmed by the summer sun. We were dragged up the rock face, one after another, with our legs shaking like jelly and our mates cheering from below... I’m sure you can imagine, a very supportive bunch!
We all survived quite unscathed and as the day went by our storied seem to grow in stature and bravery, and by the time we greeted our parents, all wide eyed, our storied resembled those of Sir Edmund Hillary conquering Everest!
I’m sure the Health and Safety executive would have something to say about the safety nowadays, but back then was a simpler time and I’m grateful for it because that single day sparked something in me and I’ve been rock climbing and hill walking for nearly 40 years now. Thank you Mr Roberts!… and for the canoeing trips too!
Thinking back, if I squint really hard to join the dots, I could say that that day climbing at Pontesford Rocks led me to my career today…

What do you miss about TC?
Some old friends are no longer with us, in particular Andrew Lowe battled a brain tumour and passed away a few years ago.
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