Old Tettenhallian Catch Ups 3
Thursday 13 January 2022
Simon Monk TC1976 – 1983

Bamber Bridge, Lancashire, UK

Simon is a bestselling Author and Product Designer.
Simon is best known for being the author of books on electronics and programming, including the bestselling 'Programming Arduino' and 'The Raspberry Pi Cookbook' which has sold over 7000,000 books worldwide and been translated into 10 languages!
The third edition of 'Programming the Raspberry Pi' has just been released and Simon is working on a book about the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Simon is married to Linda (no TC connection)… His two boys Stephen and Matthew are grown up. Stephen is a Liverpool based music publisher and Matthew is about to start a PhD in Particle Physics at Warwick (UK) and Monash (Australia) Universities.

Simon has always had a passion for electronics and design. One of his earliest achievements was building a computer in a briefcase in 1979, just before Clive Sinclair released the ZX80!

OT Contacts
No pupils, but Simon did hear from Mike Feather (Physics teacher) last year. It was nice to hear from him.

Fond memory
Simon remembers fondly the Chemistry lessons with Dr Luft, in the lab, where someone worked out that if they blew into one Bunsen burner hose, they could put out all the burners!
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