A Doctor in the House.
Friday 25 September 2020
From a recent communication with Dr Punnam Mittu (TC 1989-2004)
"I graduated in July 2017. Yes I’m a fully qualified doctor. Moved back to the UK, and started working up north in East Lancashire Hospital Trust since January 2018.
Time has gone fast! I’m currently a core trainee training to become a registrar. I’ve been working in most internal medicine specialities, and now I’m working in Acute Medicine and stroke. Due to the covid pandemic our training has been paused, and we have been moved to high risk areas and for the past three months. I’ve been on COVID wards, it’s been both physically and emotionally demanding. However now it’s much better and the numbers have come down, and the stress has eased.
I will be moving to intensive care and neurology next, as our rotations restart. So hopefully back to a new normality soon.

My nephew will be starting at the Drive school I believe :) and will carry on from there. Due to the pandemic I haven’t been back to Wolverhampton, but hopefully when I do go I’ll get all the details and I definitely will go to TC.
I also got married in December last year! So that’s something new too :) I’ll bring my husband along! He can have a look around and see where I built my foundations, I loved my school years!"

For Dr Mittu's full response to our questions please see the attached.