OT Author and his character inspiration
Thursday 23 January 2020
OT Scott Andrews (1984) recently got in touch to try to find two of his former teachers. Scott, a writer, wanted to contact his former tutor Karen Pearson to say thank you for inspiring him and helping him to become the successful writer that he is today. Scott also wanted to contact a former housemistress Miss Winnie Thomas to tell her that the lead characters from one of his most successful books is closely based on her as well as being set in a building largely based on Towers! The book forms the first part of a trilogy and this first part is now being filmed. Scott is rightly excited to see this happen.

Finding either of the ladies was a longshot as we had no contact details at all but the power of our community, through a few emails and Facebook, is mighty. We managed to contact both ladies within a week. Amazingly Miss Thomas still lives at the same address that we were given from forty years ago.

I have to confess to a certain sense of satisfaction at tracing the ladies and putting them in touch with Scott. It would be terrific if they could come and have a look around Towers on one of our events.

And of course I have bought his books for the school library.