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Thursday 12 October 2023
A fascinating evening looking into the world of coding. ...
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Saturday 12 February 2022
Although the numbers in attendance were fairly small there were some who hadn't been back to their school for many years and it was great for them to ...
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Sunday 14 November 2021
The service this year was especially lovely after having to cancel the live service for the last year. ...
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Thursday 23 September 2021
For those who were unable to attend, this was a fantastic talk given by Ema Swingwood nee Mottershead. ...
Thursday 24 June 2021
The Vernon Cup golf event took place on 24th July at South Staffs Golf Club, and was competed by 18 players. ...
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Monday 22 February 2021
Attached is a photo of Vicky Wilkinson (nee Freeman / graduated in '92) and me at the European Triathlon Championships in Ibiza 2018. ...
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Monday 22 February 2021
See photos
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Friday 25 December 2020
Hopefully we may still get some photos in!
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Tuesday 15 December 2020
As we head towards the end of term I thought it would be nice to share some wintry drawings by our former groundsman Alex Poile. ...
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Thursday 24 September 2020
Photographs kindly supplied by Steve Gordos
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Saturday 08 February 2020
Our recent exhibition and lunch was a lovely chance to catch up with people and to meet some of you who have not been back in a number of years. ...
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